Night Plow

Metal scrapes and holow pangs echo through the snow

Four AM bewilderment at noises from below

In half-asleep confusion I nervously check the lock

A burglar's intrusion? I slip on half a sock

Perhaps the landlord is about taking all our trash cans out?

From kitchen window I decree there are no tracks that I can see

Not one footprint, not even three!

The driveway below, under a dusting of snow

Remains pristine in pre-dawn twilight

And I double back to my room

But now the noise was clearer still below and beyond my window sill

It was then I saw the monster lurch safely from my third flor perch

Over the fence in my back yard, diagonally from my home

The stately house at the end of the road, the one with the onion dome

A yellow plow with amber lights took another pass

Of early morning labor to help the lawyer neighbor

So clients could arrive consistently on time and all alive

Why were they plowing so early? The snow was not that bad!

Snuggled in my blanket, I clutched my pillow and was glad

There was still time to rest before getting up and getting dressed

So with the window still aglow from panes draped in moonlit snow

I fell back asleep again, I had a few more dreams to go.

Planarian Veterinarian

I'm a planarian veterinarian

My patients all are worms

And some of them only slightly

Bigger than their germs

My patients are flat

And some of them have two heads

Underneath their hat!

If they get a bad cut, I continue it through

They'll just grow a new head

And a new tail, too!

Note: Not all my poems are this happy-go-lucky. Stay tuned for the disturbing, macabre, masochistic, mesmerising, and mechanical reflections on modern life. Soon will be cryptic and not so cryptic allusions to events both real and imagined. Some you will undoubtedly relate to. Others will confirm for you the theory that Tony G comes from another planet.

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