Baby Ruth Contest - Dave Fontaine
Baby Ruth "Real Deal" Sports Fan Contest
Dave Fontaine

Dave Fontaine, from Dedham, MA, entered a contest to prove he is the "Real Deal" sports fan. The contest, run by Baby Ruth candy bars, requires that each contestant create a video clip of himself explaining or showing why he is a real deal sports fan. The video should be no more than 60 seconds.

Dave immediately began drafting a script. He then enlisted John Gilbert and Michael Darowski to help film the project.

After only one day of on-location filming and several hours of editing, the finished product was completed. While the "official" video will be hosted on ( on July 14, we offer right here on this web site a sneak preview for your viewing pleasure. Please make a selection from the list below.

Editor's Note: The contest was held July 14-25, 2003. David's video was one of the winning entries, and he got to bat against Nolan Ryan in Texas. Read about the contest on the Red Sox Connection and TOTK web sites:

Video Clips for Download

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